Argeta Exclusive: an audible tasting of premium pâtés



Brothers Gregor and David Vračko

The new Argeta Exclusive line of pâté spreads comes in a limited series of new flavourful creations, that come from the creative duo of Slovenian chefs – brothers David and Gregor Vračko. So far, we could of course see and touch, taste and smell the artistic combinations of aromas and flavours – but now, you will be able to hear it. The combination of ingredients on the palate has inspired the dietary technologists, and sound experts to transfer the whole gustatory experience of tasting the pâtés, into a resonating, sound sensation.

How does a spread turned into a symphony of sound you ask? Check it out here.

The Luna Agency/TBWA, of the Argeta Exclusive Sound tasting project, has recieved three awards at the international CSS Design Awards. The fans and lovers of the premium line didn't just get a new flavour sensation, but a whole new tasting experience.