Grand Park Hotel Rovinj - New exciting places on the gastronomic map of Rovinj


One of the most exclusive hotels on the Adriatic coast, Grand Park Hotel Rovinj, opened last spring bringing to the gastronomic map of Rovinj some new experiences and flavours.























The hotel itself is a celebration of fine dining, and guests can enjoy its six restaurants and bars, including the signature restaurant Cap Aureo, known for its culinary explorations.

Just the location itself is worth the visit. Being located on the hotel’s 5th floor, this restaurant features a glass wall terrace overlooking the marina, Katarina Island and the old town of Rovinj.

Cap Aureo was named after a spa facility conceptualised at the end of the 19th century, in the middle of a lush forest park planted with a vast variety of plants and trees. Today, Cap Aureo brings a premium visual and olfactory experience inspired by the scents and tastes of the rich Mediterranean park.

What makes this restaurant stand out from all the others is that it is a predominantly vegetable-based restaurant. Here you will be able to try, for example, cauliflower simmered with fresh goat’s cheese and caramelised with yeast and early harvest truffles or whole beetroots salted, simmered, shaved and scented while the iced dessert pop pairs with a cocktail poured tableside—like carrot cake condensed in a glass. The menu features 20-odd stories, with a notebook where you can write down your impressions of the restaurant’s ambiance, food, and wine and where some of the other guests’ impressions can be read as well.

Along with the open kitchen and chef’s table experience, where dishes are prepared right in front of you, Cap Aureo’s wine list has been carefully created to include a number of Croatian and international wines that will complete your gourmet experience. The restaurant welcomes its guests only for dinner and is closed on Tuesdays.

At the foot of the hotel, alongside the Lungomare Plaza with exclusive boutiques, two restaurants stand out.

Primi Terreni, a restaurant where it is all about the flavour of the flame and the use of the same techniques practised for centuries.. The Bar and Lounge part of Primi Terreni offers the latest in cocktail and music trends.

On the other end of the promenade, right in the heart of the marina, is the Bitinada restaurant offering a breathtaking view of the old town of Rovinj and the Katarina Island. The menu features seafood dishes made with seasonal and local ingredients, while the restaurant's open kitchen allows you to interact with the staff and watch your food being prepared. It is an interesting fact that the restaurant name comes from Rovinj's original beatbox. When their hands were busy mending their nets, the fishermen of Rovinj used their mouths to make music by producing sounds that imitate musical instruments.