Conca D'oro

L'avis de Gault&Millau

Conca d’oro (Golden Seashell in Italian) is located in a narrow picturesque alley in the very center of the city of Rijeka. It will delight you at first glance with its charming decoration. In every corner of the restaurant you will find something interesting - short lines of city history or some reading material. The staff is very friendly and helpful. The wine list is based on local winemakers, mostly from the Istrian area, the offer of other drinks is standard. We started our lunch with beef tartare that had a surprise - it was served on a large, baked bone so, instead of butter, we could use the bone marrow as a spread on the great homemade bread. This added to the dish some extra flavours and we were really impressed. At our opinion the tartare would be flawless with a little more spices. Next we tried the stuffed calamari (squid) in a black brodetto (a broth with pieces of fish with squid black ink) and the chicken žgvacet (a typical chicken stew from Istria). The calamari were very good, soft and juicy, the brodetto tasty and visually interesting because of the black ink. The dish was served with a great grilled polenta. The chicken stew was also very good, served with homemade gnocchi. We finished our meal with a brownie and a dark chocolate ice cream, with a little red peppercorns and coconut milk. A creative and delicious dessert. Conca d’oro is a restaurant full of character with moderate prices and beautifully presented dishes that are definitely worth a visit if you are nearby.


Kružna 12
51000 Rijeka


+385 51 213 782


Lundi  11:00 - 23:00
Mardi  11:00 - 23:00
Mercredi  11:00 - 23:00
Jeudi  11:00 - 23:00
Vendredi  11:00 - 23:00
Samedi  11:00 - 23:00
Dimanche  11:00 - 23:00

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Grivica 4, 51000 Rijeka

The name of the patisserie Slon (Elephant) is a reminder of the Rijeka cocoa and chocolate factory from 1896, the first in Croatia. Once upon a time they produced a chocolate called Slon. The patisserie opened a couple of years ago near St. Vitus Cathedral. When you look at the vitrine with colorful desserts, wondering which one to choose, the owner of the patisserie Moreno DeBartoli Malik will explain you that all the cakes are made from natural ingredients, without additives and artificial colours. Desserts and chocolate products are made from the finest Belgian chocolate. We chose pistachio and ruby ​​roche, contrasting colours but soft textures that melt in the mouth. We couldn’t resist the cake made from a mix of forest fruits and coconut flour. They make the cakes in a lab within the patisserie, so guests can smell freshly baked croissants and quiches in the morning, along with the smell of freshly ground coffee. One of the newest desserts is rocher 2.0, made of hazelnuts with dark and milk chocolate cream. You can also buy alsos several types of Slon chocolate - with orange, honey, strawberries, vanilla…

Konoba Ugor
Sélectionné par Gault&Millau Selection
11.5 / 20

Konoba Ugor

Dražička 4, 51000 Rijeka

Poisson Fruits de mer Méditerranéen

Konoba Ugor, one of the most famous taverns in Rijeka, is located in the suburbs, outside the city noise and bustle. Its owners are also local fishermen with a long tradition, which immediately indicates what their cuisine is like. This seaside tavern truly has a varied and fresh offer of fish that changes depending on the catch. The interior is traditional, with wooden benches and chairs, full of lovely details originary from the local traditions, and the walls are adorned with pictures of the fishing boats owned by the family throughout history. The staff is helpful and cheerful and will be happy to present the daily offer, off the regular menu. The wine list is short with mostly local wines. We would definitely recommend that you do not burden yourself with the menu, but just listen to the nice waiters to discover what the kitchen staff can prepare for you that day. It is up to you to choose the way you want your fish to be prepared: grilled, boiled or baked. In addition, try some of the classic side dishes. We recommend swisschard with a drop of lemon and olive oil, with a glass of wine. Sweeten up with homemade, fresh fritule (local delicacy, a kind of sweet fritters). Ugor is not pretentious and the prices are affordable, they know what they offer and they do it in a really proper way.

Konoba Na kantunu
Sélectionné par Gault&Millau Selection
10.5 / 20

Konoba Na kantunu

Wenzelova 4, 51000 Rijeka

The tavern Na kantunu is nowadays well known to everybody in Rijeka. Whether you decide to go for a brunch or maybe dinner, you won’t go wrong - you will try the fresh fish they know how to prepare. The tavern is located next to the river itself on the corner of the building, or “na kantunu” in their local dialect. The dining room is quite large, decorated in rustic style with a touch of elegance. The walls are adorned with bricks and the owner’s paintings, and at the very entrance you will see a fish display counter with a daily catch. The tavern, of course, offers some meat dishes as well, but our is to try the fish as this is what they do best. The wine list is short and fair, and the staff is young, smiling and very helpful. We started our dinner with a homemade fish marinade called saur that had a little bit of everything - squid, monkfish, prawns, and was served with toasted bread coated with tomatoes and olive oil. We then tried the black noodles with soft squid and prawns in fragrant tomato sauce. Then the waitress brought a ray fish cooked in olive oil with grilled kale as a house specialty. The fish was very tasty, soft and full of flavour, and the kale was prepared in a special way that we had not yet had the chance to try. Char grilling gave it a special taste, and the only regret is that it had more salt than necessary. We’ve finished up with a great, homemade chestnut cake that, even though it looked like a caloric bomb, disappeared from the plate before we noticed it. If you find yourself in Rijeka, take a walk through its streets and stop at Na kantunu, you will not regret it.