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This outstanding restaurant is located within the luxury boutique hotel Lešić Dimitri Palace, a former episcopal palace, in which every apartment is uniquely designed. We visited the restaurant at the peak of the season so we had to book a table few weeks in advance. We were greeted by a beautiful place by the sea and the city promenade, as well as the friendly waiters, who professionally and discreetly fulfil the wishes of their guests. The menu offers three appetizers, as well as the main dishes and desserts, and it is possible to order a 6 courses tasting menu. The ingredients are traditional Dalmatian, but each dish is original, very thoughtfully designed and perfectly served. Our gastronomic journey in Lešić Dimitri Palace began with a refreshing sour-sweet amuse-bouche in which the cucumber was presented in three ways; as gazpacho, with guacamole and tuna aged in beetroot. For appetizer, we tasted red snapper and scallops. Red snapper served in chickpea flour tacos with wasabi, tomato aspic and sour cream makes a delicious combination of salty and sour, with a refreshing wasabi pungency. Light, soft and fresh scallops were served with intense crispy black truffles, sweet corn cream, black alioli and pasta with egg yolk and pancetta. It was a true rhapsody of flavours and textures on the plate. We continued our meal with sea bass and prawns. Soft, juicy and crispy sea bass with aromatic curry sauce, light cauliflower carpaccio, chickpea, quinoa and coriander make another rich combination of flavours. We were delighted with the sweet - sour - spicy combination of black gyoza stuffed with prawns, in mousseline sauce, with dried tomato pesto, seasoned with chilli, onion, marinated beets and fried prawns powder. Each dish is superbly presented, and the plate irresistibly reminds of the paintings by abstract artists. As if each dish served had some secret ingredient that makes the whole combination of flavours extremely tasty and unique, memorable long after leaving the restaurant. The kind waitress was ready to answer all our questions and there is no doubt that the great dedication, courage and originality of the young chef Marko Gajski is accompanied by the professionalism of the entire LD restaurant team. We concluded our special meal with delicious pralines and chocolate dessert, which delighted us. Cocoa biscuit, dark chocolate cream, hazelnut paste, sour fluid orange gel, light whipped cream with mashed almonds wrapped in a crispy cocoa crunch - a luxury for the palate and eye. Second dessert, the combination of white coconut pralines, white chocolate and raspberries, alongside dark chocolate pralines, served with coconut flakes, almond crumbs and raspberry powder, is reminiscent of carefree summer days. With all the dishes paired well Intrade grk and Bire grk - light, aromatic, in traces salty white wine of the autochthonous variety. Top quality dishes, superb ingredients and service justify the high prices in this restaurant, and the delicacies of chef Marko Gajski and his team are worth visiting the island of Korčula.


Don Pavla Poše 1-6
20260 Korčula


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Lundi  08:00 - 00:00
Mardi  08:00 - 00:00
Mercredi  08:00 - 00:00
Jeudi  08:00 - 00:00
Vendredi  08:00 - 00:00
Samedi  08:00 - 00:00
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  • Marko Gajski,  Chef


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