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Principovac Castle was built in 1864 near Ilok on a hill offering a unique view of Ilok, Srijem and Backa. It was the summer residence of the Italian princely family of Odescalchi, who stayed here during the hunting and harvesting of grapes and enjoyed top quality Graševina and Traminac wine. Today the castle is glowing with new splendour: the panoramic elevator inside the building drives to a glazed lookout, from which the view is even more impressive. The vast vineyards and slopes of Fruška Gora go down towards the Danube, so you quickly realise that wine in the Ilok region is an art and a way of life, and food is an integral part of this aristocratic atmosphere. This stylishly decorated restaurant comes with an announcement and offers traditional local food imaginatively prepared. It is a good idea to listen to the waiters’ recommendation: the colourful creamy pepper soup is very tasty, as is the marinated chicken breast in local Ilok Graševina wine. We also tried the fried perch fillet in the fruits of the Srijem fields, crunchy on the outside and a very juicy dish on the inside. For the dessert, we were served a scoop of rice with forest fruit, and we replaced the Graševina wine we were drinking until then with a sweet, fragrant Traminac wine. You need to come to Principovac for a weekend, rent an apartment or one of the chalets by the castle, taste all the delicacies and the best wines of Ilok and indulge in sports activities - from badminton, mini golf, cycling, tennis… Or simply sit on the terrace and look into the distance.


Ladanjsko imanje Principovac
32236 Ilok


+385 32 593 114
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