L'avis de Gault&Millau

Laganini on Palmižana is known as an oasis of pure hedonism. On one side the restaurant, on the other the lounge bar, the space on different terraces is big enough so that you don’t feel it when it is crowded, for instance when you are sitting in the restaurant and just across from you, close to the bar, a lot of young people, with a glass in their hand, dance to the music. Laganini can be reached by boat, so large yachts are always anchored in front of the restaurant. However, from the town of Hvar you can get a regular boat line to the island itself, and then walk 20 minutes through the rich Mediterranean vegetation or by taxi boat right in front of Laganini. The exclusive location and the beautiful decoration attract the guests, but when it comes to the restaurant, their biggest asset so far has been the multi-award winning chef Hrvoje Zirojević, who led an excellent team of young chefs. Last year was Zirojević’s last summer in Laganini. The famous chef was known beyond the borders of Croatia. One of his faithful guests was Bono, who returned regularly. In order to enjoy the chef’s delicacies to the maximum, we indulged in his choice of dishes. It’s hard to say which was better: whether the plate with appetizers, carpaccio and tartare of noble fish, shrimp and tuna, or his cannellon, a roll of thinly sliced ​​tuna stuffed with foie gras ganache. It’s the best known chef’s signature dish. We also tasted another of his famous dishes: smoked mussel and seafood risotto with parmesan ice cream. To lick your fingers. Just like perfectly grilled sea bass, juicy, with a firm meat and a finely grilled skin tigether with delicious grilled potatoes and vegetables. Now, the only thing we hope is that Laganini will keep the quality even without chef Hrvoje Zirojevic. Laganini’s wine list is impressive, and contains some of the best domestic and foreign labels, some of which are also served by glasses. The restaurant is expensive, but as we have already said, heaven on earth has its price, and you need to book your place as well.

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