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Restaurant Tač (pronounce Tach) is still one of the best in the city for those who love the traditional, high quality cuisine, carefully prepared in accordance with seasonal ingredients. On one of Zagreb’s hills, at the very end of a quiet street that goes from the city to the top, there is the charming Tač. The restaurant is almost always full. During the epidemiological measures they used a lot the recently renovated covered terrace. Regular guests do not miss a single specialty of chef Vesna Miletić, who has been leading this city oasis of good food for twenty years. This spring we had the best artichokes ever cooked with fava beans and peas. And we tasted the wild asparagus together with scrambled eggs, an Istrian recipe called fritaja. The combination of soft, fresh farm grown eggs with the bitter taste of wild asparagus is one of the best ways of cooking this vegetable. Seasonal, local and top quality food are the main advantage of Tač. The restaurant has its loyal suppliers, fishermen, small farmers and producers who supply them with the finest products. There is no place in Zagreb where you can find such fresh large scampi or such a delicious young lamb from the island of Cres as at Tač. We enjoyed the masterfully grilled scampi, whose sweet firm flesh, with a slight grill scent, was delicious. As Vesna Miletić is originally from Istria, they always have the maneštra (Istrian thick soup with various beans) and Boškarin (Istrian authochtonous beef) in their daily offer. Desserts are also homemade, so we definitely recommend apple pie and the soft small fritters, when available. Vesna’s husband Tihomir takes care of the wine list. One of the best connoisseurs of wine labels from all over Croatia, but also from neighboring Slovenia, he will always choose the wine that suits the ordered dish. Prices match the quality. Dining at Tač is a true gourmet pleasure.

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